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Summer of Code - Get Paid to Work on Open Source This Summer

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:01 pm
by dds
Summer of Code - Get Paid to Work on Open Source This Summer

Google Summer of Code is an exciting opportunity for students to "intern" with an open source project for a summer. The FreeBSD Project, as one of the most successful and oldest open source projects, is an excellent place to do this internship. Founded in 1993, the project now consists of several hundred "committers" and tens of thousands of contributors. FreeBSD is the foundation for many commercial products, including Apple's Mac OS X, NetApp's OnTap/GX, Juniper's JunOS, as well countless other products, from Cisco anti-spam appliances to Isilon's cluster storage hardware, and is widely used in the Internet Service Provider and corporate IT worlds. Many of these sponsors participate daily in the FreeBSD community, and students have the opportunity to develop software ideas in an exciting environment with many real world applications, and under the mentorship of experienced developers.

After the summer ends, many of our students are sponsored by Google or the FreeBSD Foundation to attend operating systems and open source conferences to present on their work, and a significant number go on to become FreeBSD developers. It's also a great job networking opportunity!

There are many dozens of example project ideas listed on the FreeBSD web site here:

and for many other open source organizations as well:

Some of the example projects include working on embedded operating systems, unix filesystems, network performance and implementing new network protocols, and more. Most sample project ideas include developers you can contact to discuss a proposal, and we recommend doing so in advance of submitting a proposal. Strong C language skills are recommended for most projects.