DDR5 RAM - Up to 85% better than DDR4

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DDR5 RAM - Up to 85% better than DDR4

Post by Georgilakis Antonios » Fri Jan 10, 2020 4:38 am

The new DDR5 RAM is headed to data centers first, where it will provide a huge doubling in the data rate over previous-gen DDR4 -- all the while, DDR5 will use less power, have improved voltage margins, reduced BOM costs, and more. The new Micron DDR5 ECC DIMMs are designed for server workloads, offering up to 85% more performance over DDR4 RAM.

Micron hasn't talked about consumer DDR5 modules just yet, but both Intel and AMD have no DDR5-supported technology just yet. Intel will have DDR5 support on its new Sapphire Rapids data center CPUs in 2021, but for now -- DDR5 is but a dream for us gamers.

Micron's Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Compute & Networking Business Unit, Tom Eby, said: "Data center workloads will be increasingly challenged to extract value from the accelerating growth of data across virtually all applications. Micron's sampling of DDR5 RDIMMs represents a significant milestone, bringing the industry one step closer to unlocking the value in next-generation data-centric applications".
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