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BugSense is hiring web & mobile engineers

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:37 pm
by PaP
BugSense, a US-based startup is looking to hire a web & a mobile developer.

Web Developer:
If you the words Werkzeug, Tipfy, Jinja, Google App Engine, Task Queues and Memcache ring a bell then we would love to talk with you.
Requirements: Willing to learn, enthusiasm for technology, proficiency in english language.
Strong assets: Experience with Google App Engine, JS knowledge (especially jQuery, Backbone.js, Jasmine)

Mobile Developer:
We are looking for a developer with knowledge in at least 2 mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WP7). We are looking for a person that will developer further the Bugsense plugins and will support our international customers.
Requirements: Having developer an app in at least 2 mobile platforms. Proficiency in English. Great communication skills.
Strong assets: Having published an on Play Store, WP marketplace or iTunes. Knowledged about binary format and mem dumps. Experience with RESTful apis.

Please send your CVs at guys[at]bugsense[dot]com with subject: CV-AUEB-12 web|mobile