1st Student Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks

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1st Student Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks

Post by tsilochr » Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:35 am

1st Student Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks

The purpose of the first Student Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks is to bring together both graduate and undergraduate students working in the area of wireless sensor networks, with focus on applications, real-world experiments or deployments of wireless sensor networks. Students will have the opportunity to interact with their peers and publicize and get feedback on their work, exchange experiences, make contacts, and learn what other students are doing in the Wireless Sensor Networks area. The workshop would be a day-long program organized in such a way to promote lively discussions.


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1ο Φοιτητικό Workshop σε Ασύρματα Δίκτυα Αισθητήρων

Post by grnemo » Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:06 pm

Θα ήθελα να σας ενημερώσω πως, στο Τμήμα Πληροφορικής & Τηλεπικοινωνιών, ΕΚΠΑ θα γίνει το 1ο Φοιτητικό Workshop σε Ασύρματα Δίκτυα Αισθητήρων, την 1η του Νοέμβρη και απευθύνεται τόσο σε προπτυχιακούς όσο και σε μεταπτυχιακούς που έχουν αντίστοιχο ενδιαφέρον σε αυτήν την περιοχή. Συμμετοχή και παρακολούθηση θα είναι δωρεάν και το call για όποιον ενδιαφέρεται περιλαμβάνει τα εξής:

* Experiences with real-world deployments
* Experimental validation/refutation of previous simulation results obtained by others
* Operation, debugging and testing
* Development and deployment of protype platforms
* Applications in agriculture, industry, environmental monitoring, etc.
* Security and trust
* Scalability in practice
* Operating systems, sensor network programming paradigms, and languages
* Middleware for heterogeneous networks
* Hardware support for real-world sensor networks
* Robustness at all levels: communication, software, hardware
* Energy efficient protocols
* Adaptive networking protocols
* Self-organization and self-management
To submission deadline λήγει σε μερικές μέρες (20/8) οπότε όποιον τον ενδιαφέρει, καλό θα είναι να ενεργήσει άμεσα.
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Re: 1ο Φοιτητικό Workshop σε Ασύρματα Δίκτυα Αισθητήρων

Post by adam98 » Sun Oct 12, 2008 7:01 pm

Έχει αναφερθεί και εδώ : http://venus.cslab.aueb.gr/forum/viewto ... 69#p139769
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